Lets take revenge

For an occassion of the 2nd birthday of our beloved Summie following post was created. In fact, we have been planning to write this someday for almost a year now. Someday is such a beautiful word. It does not have a set date and noone can ever blame you for not having work done already. Especially in a case noone even knows you plan to do something like this someday. So I like to imagine because such an uncertain thing was finally decided to be published for special occasion it makes it double the special day. So lets start. Continue reading

Today is… birthday?

Hi! It’s been so long but we couldn’t ignore Summie’s birthday so we have been slowly preparing for this day since a few months ago. Of course, most of things were done in last few days. This year we have prepared posts that will be published in following days. We tried something not usual for this blog so we hope everyone who will read it will like it! o(^▽^)o

This is part 1 of our birthday party. We decided to share something from our own inventory of stories. It was originally written as a birthday gift for Summer a few years ago. It’s rather harmless short story and a tiny bit cute if I may say so myself. On a whim it was named A True Happiness but then again it may not be the best fitting name. I remember Summer asking me why it is named like that…

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HPC chapter 20: Ben Wang is very busy, has no time


Hi everyone, I´m back :D! Finally. Firstly, here I would like to, again, thank you all for the patience and also specially thank Karra for always helping me with correcting the text.

Due to exams I had practically no time for the translation, but since my exams are over now(THANK GOODNESS!) I can, at last, whole-heartedly dedicate myself to this hobby of mine.

P. S. Among my New Year´s resolutions  are to be more productive (to manage translating at least four chapters a week) and slacking less (it will be a tough job not to) ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ……..hopefully, I will be able accomplish both of them, so you could enjoy even more readings (**crossing fingers for myself**) Continue reading

Good morning, miss undercover 7


Merry Christmas, everyone! Firstly, I would like to apologize for going on hiatus. Secondly, I would like to thank you for your patience. Recently, I was in no mood of translating, but as a fellow reader who truly dislikes when the book I enjoy reading goes on hiatus (which often would leave me craving for more reading) I have at least managed to translate this chapter of GMMU as a Christmas present. Since I have exams coming, I will be on hiatus for at least another month, afterwards everything should be like usual. Thanks for understanding and enjoy unwrapping all the gifts Santa brought you 😉 Continue reading