Current translation projects

Hi everyone,

since I have been on hiatus for a very long time, some translators were kind enough to pick up translation projects left here ^^ Now as I have returned, I have decided that I’ll continue translating only Good Morning Miss Undercover and new translation project The Beloved Imperial Consort and leave out Hilarious Pampered Consort, as asian hobbyists is continuing with translation (but in case they dropped this project I’ll again pick it up).


Also, since we have migrated to new website, we plan to put down this site in one months time (so that readers will have time to be informed, that we have moved). Links to the new site are put throughout the whole blog. Thank you for understanding 😀


So, to sum it up:


Ongoing translation projects: 

Good Morning Miss Undercover  >Link<

The Beloved Imperial Consort >Link<


Indefinite Hiatus:

Hilarious Pampered Consort:

Chapters: 27 – 33 in sleepyowls 

Chapters: 34 – 40 in boredomequalsthis

Chapters: 40 onwards in asian hobbyist 

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Hi everyone, a lot of things has happened in this almost one year, so I didn’t have much time for this blog.

I want to apologize to those of you, who were patiently waiting for the updates and also to thank you, for actually waiting.

Currently, all the translation projects are dropped as we are creating a new website, and over a time, everything will be moved there.

After everything will be ready, I’ll put a link of new blog here.

Before that, I would like to thank you all for your support and patience. You’re the best reader one could ever wish for! (okay, I don’t like to say such cheeze things but I’m being sincere 😀 )


Best Regards – Summer